Importance of Investing for Growth Economies

Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Indonesia 2017President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) emphasized the importance of investment for economic growth in Indonesia. Investments continue to grow an impact on the flow of money into the country to drive economic activity.

“Once again, we are investing in economic growth holds a very important role. Once for economic growth. I want the realization of investment in 2017 actually provides increased capital inflow, providing increased capital flows and money coming into our country so that economic growth betul- really concrete and we saw in 2017, “he said at the State Palace, Wednesday (07/12/2016).

Jokowi said, in 2017 the government is targeting an investment of Rp 670 trillion. While in 2018, the target increased to Rp 840 trillion.

He also appealed to all ministries and agencies to support the influx of investment into the country. “Therefore I ask all ministries related to investments to really give special attention regarding this investment. It is really all ministries in order to provide support,” he continued.

One of them, the government will encourage the realization of investment in energy and mineral resources (ESDM). Jokowi expect investments in this sector do not just signing ceremony of cooperation.

“At the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, especially for large investments in EMR encouraged to be realized. As it relates to oil and gas, which deals with electricity, in order to encourage the realization of truly ASAP lest that was told to me just PPA (power purchase agreement), PPA, PPA, PPA target we’re not his. realization, and then there is the money flowing, then the realization in the field there, then tenagar work is also running, that’s what we want, “he explained.

In addition to the EMR sector, Jokowi also emphasized the realization of investments in other sectors such as tourism and infrastructure. Both sectors are also important to drive the national economy.

“Tourism on the investment in tourism, are all active, investment in agriculture, cooperation for example enterprises, industries, all investments in toll roads, ports, airports. Overall I think really all ministers must pay attention to this so quickly there is a realization concrete, “he explains.

If the flow of investment into Indonesia continues to grow, said Jokowi, economic growth of 5.1 percent would be more easily achieved.

“If the flow of investment, the money comes in, can really concrete, but I think the 5.1 percent growth target can we move beyond,” he said.