It’s The Right Time to Invest in Indonesia

Investasi Indonesia 2017President Joko Widodo entourage of government officials make a state visit to India. There, the government is promoting Indonesia as an investment destination.

Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Thomas Lembong claims to have met with 20 CEOs of India and Indonesia five CEOs in the official state visit with President Joko Widodo to India, Tuesday (12/13/2016) then.

At the event held at the Royal Ballroom, The Leela Palace Hotel, New Delhi, the Jokowi said that now is the right time to invest in Indonesia.

Why is the right time, Jokowi reasoned, because Indonesia’s economic growth is now positive. It is rated to encourage business growth, especially in the field of e-commerce, tourism, and manufacturing.

“At this time, perhaps an opportune time to take advantage of the strong momentum between Prime Minister Modi and me. Right now is the perfect time to explore more opportunities in Indonesia,” said Jokowi of official information from BKPM, Thursday (15/12 / 2016).

According to Thomas Lembong, the current government has issued many policies to support it easy for the businessmen. With so many potential in Indonesia, which opens business opportunities for investors.

“Investment is the key to Indonesia’s economy, so we need to change, simplifying policies and procedures in business. That we have done, the next step is promotion, “he said.

Thomas added, various innovations being developed to provide convenience for investors. “Deregulation of the various types of regulation and licensing, investment services license 3 hours and remission of taxes that have been launched into the government’s efforts to attract investors. Many opportunities in Indonesia, but we also need to provide a good service for investors. ”

“In addition, we hope that this investment can be evenly distributed in the various regions and sectors. In order for development and employment evenly,” he continued.

In a bilateral meeting between President Joko Widodo and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House, New Delhi, has signed MoU “Standardization trade” between the two countries.

It is believed to increase trade and to support cooperation in the economic sector. Increased economic cooperation, particularly diversification of trade between Indonesia and India become a major issue of the bilateral meeting.